Track Info

We are now open for racing in the Mid Atlantics premier indoor rc facility. We have a 100x48 CRC Carpet on-road track, 185ft run line carpet oval, and of course a 30x40 carpet drift track.

General Rules.

SXT 3.0 is the only sauce allowed. No warnings, If you have another sauce in your pit you will be asked to leave.

Battery voltage limit is 8.4v. No warnings, If you are found to be charging over 8.4v you will be done for the day.

25 amp rule, no charging or discharging above 25 amps.

Absolutely no lipo heating devices!

No dirty vehicles on the tracks, clean it before you show up.


3 makes a class, we typically run dirt oval style classes.

17.5t sprint

21.5t latemodel

12t spec Bandit Mods

Sr10 Spec

any typical dirt oval class 


On Road Classes:(most common weekly classes listed 3 or more make a class)

TCS Classes: Euro Truck, Mini, Pro Spec. (All TCS Rules Apply)

21.5 tc- ROAR rules, spec tire

USGT- USGT rules apply

F1- 25.5 ROAR rules

13.5 12th- ROAR rules, open tire

GT12 - rubber tire, USGT motor , 1s, GT Body(production race cars, no prototypes or pan car bodies)

WGT-R - 

-Minimum Weight – 1025 grams

-Maximum Track Width - 200mm

- Tire and Wheel Rules – Starting with the 2015-2016 season, Team CRC GTR rims will be the only rims allowed (Part #2310). The only front tires that will be allowed are Team CRC RT-1 (Part#2311), Team CRC Mounted RT-1 (Part#2314). The only rear tires that will be allowed are Team CRC RT-1 (Part#2312), Team CRC Mounted RT-1 (Part#2316),  No Modifying inserts or “double stuffing” of inserts will be allowed. You are not allowed to add anything to the inside of the tire, no duct tape, no glue (to the inside), or anything else that did not come from the factory. You are not allowed to modify the air holes of the rim. This means that you can not plug them, make them smaller, or make them bigger.

-Battery – ROAR approved 1 cell (3.7v) hard case lipo. Voltage limit to be set by track (4.20-4.22)

-Motor – Any ROAR approved 17.5 turn brushless motor 

-Rotor – ROAR approved tuning rotors are allowed

-Speed Control – Any ROAR approved spec class (blinky) speed control in “blinky” mode. NO RECEIVER PACKS. You may use a specific 1 cell speed control, or a two cell speed control with an external booster. Stock 2 or 4 cap banks that come with the ESC's only. There will be a limit of 10,000 micro farad on cap banks.

-Bodies – Bodies must be cut on the mold lines. No excessive cutting or lowering of the body is permitted. No lightening of the body is permitted. Wings and spoilers that are included with the body kits are ok if cut on one of the mold lines (if multiple mold lines are present). Wings are not mandatory. No additional aerodynamic aids are allowed. Backs of the bodies (including rear bumpers) are to be left in. No bodies that were designed for pan cars, no GTP, Daytona Prototype, IMSA, or bodies that look like 1/12th or 1/8th on road bodies with an integrated rear wing. Tires cannot stick outside the body. If the body has bolt on pieces (for example the Ford GT B pillar side wings, or some of the HPI bodies have a bolt on rear bumper area), these must be used. This does not apply to the side dams that can be added to the rear wing. Bodies must weigh a minimum of 95 grams. Any weight added to the body to assist in the making of the 95 gram minimum weight must be added to what would be considered the roof of the vehicle in a non easily removed form (if you need to add weight, put some shoe goo in the roof). Any foam needed to take up space in between the body and front bumper must be added to the chassis, not the body. These rules are to encourage racers to actually put a paint job on the body and not just a spray bomb, as well as to keep some of the older heavier bodies competitive.




No 4wd (RWD only)

Indoor tires only, no tires that have been run on any other surface.


We have a 30'x40' carpet drift track in the shop . Track opens at 12 noon M-F and during our normal hours Saturday and Sunday(unless there is a special race event). Its $15.00 for the session, we do not run a spec tire, however most are running MST silver, Ds Racing FFF or FFFF.