About us

Scale Speed is an RC Boutique that stocks high end parts for both the professional racer and the hobbyist. We also produce quality RC parts and support the RC and automotive community with personalized products for individual and team brand building.

Scale Speed has been in the RC Hobby business for over 10 years, and are enthusiastic about growing the hobby by  bringing the best products and service to our customers.

We are also the home of Black Star Hobbies.

Currently located at 4075 E. Market St York, Pennsylvania.
(717) 356-2613
[email protected]

Our retail shop hours:
Monday 12PM - 6PM
Tuesday 12PM - 8PM
Wednesday 12PM - 8PM
Thursday 12PM - 8PM
Friday 12PM - 8PM 

Saturday-Sunday are race days, we are here 8am till we are done racing.

All times are GMT-5, Eastern time