Digital MG Servo (Hi-Resolution) RED (AMZ, BZ, DRZ, SZ)

Article number: BZ-UP017RD
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•Dimensions 21 x 11.5 x21mm
•Torque: @4.8V, @6.0V
•Operating Speed: (4.8V): 0.08sec/60° , (6.0V): 0.07sec/60°
•Dead Band Width: ≤3us
•Micro Coreless Motor
•Gear Type:Metal Gears
•Weight: 8 g

This new Generation servo has a double bearing design and also higer singal resolution, you can feel more precise and smooth compared to other servos.

Also it can work under high Gyro gain value, without shaking or vibration.
It is best servo for both drifting and speed racing.

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